Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tile Mural: Know The Benefits

Men have always used different types of home decor items to enhance the elegance of their house. Murals have been one of the most popular home decor items used by people. It is arrangement of decorative tiles which are hand painted, dye sublimated or kiln fired. These days, the use of murals is not restricted to the houses and residential complexes. They are widely used on the commercial complexes giving them a completely new look. Interior decorator as well as the home decor enthusiasts prefers murals for its multiple benefits. Before installing murals in your property, you can check the top six benefits of murals.

1. One can select the tile for making tile murals depending on his choice. A wide variety of tiles are used for the making of tile murals. Most of the homeowners prefer ceramic tiles for its light weight, uniformity and relatively cheap price. Someone who wants to give his house rustic, old fashioned or distressed look can opt for tumbled marble tiles. Travertine, glass and porcelain can also be used for the making of stone murals.

2. Another benefit of using tile murals is that one can easily give the desired look to the building. One can use tiles which have gloss finish to give new, contemporary and vivid look to the house. Reflections and highlights can be easily displayed on the gloss finishes to give the house a new look. Someone who wants to give contemporary look can use tiles with satin finish. Matte finish tiles can be used for the exterior decoration of the house.

3. Many interior decorators prefer tile murals as it can be installed in any part of the house. Earlier the preferred locations for installation of murals were cabana, spa, wine cellar, bath enclosure and kitchen backsplash. These days, people also use it in their living room or in the hallways. They can be used in the commercial complexes as well.

4. By opting for murals one can save the money for installation. Mural installation is simple and one can install it easily. To do the installation jobs in a better manner, one can take the help of a professional. He would install the mural quickly.

5. Mural is preferred by the interior decorators for its elegance. But they are preferred by the home owners for their low maintenance. One needs to do the maintenance of murals occasionally. Maintenance of murals depends on its application. To clean murals one needs to have a soft cloth of cotton and non abrasive cleaning agent. Abrasive chemical can damage tile mural permanently and so one should avoid it. For retaining the long life of murals, one needs to seal the murals at least after every two years.

6. Murals used in the backsplash of shower enclosure or bathroom can become the focal point of the place. One can use deco tiles with the murals to highlight the place. A person can use a picture of his choice for murals. This will add uniqueness to the house.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Marble Tile Flooring

Marble tile flooring has been an excellent option for homeowners who want to give their house an aesthetic appeal. The elegant appearance of marble gives the entire premises a brilliant look. If you want to install marble floor in your house or office then you should know about advantages as well as disadvantages of this flooring.

The cool and hard rock, marble is considered as a sign of luxury and aristocracy. By installing marble floor in the house one can get several advantages.
· Interior designers recommend installation of marble flooring for the durability and beauty of these floors. Houses which have marble floors can be decorated easily.
· If marble tiles are installed on the floor, then the room can get stunning bright look.
· Marble is stainless and scratch free. The freshness of marble surface can be retained for years.
· The natural stone marble, does not allow germs and allergens to survive on the surface. Therefore, someone who has marble tile flooring in his house can resist the spread of germs and diseases in his house.
· These days, marble is quarried in different parts of the world. It has increased the availability of marble and has also added the variety of color, texture and designs of marble.
· Someone who wants to get the best value of money should opt for marble. Marble is known for its durability and if maintained properly, then marble can last for an entire lifetime. Thus, the homeowner will not have to re – invest money for flooring.

Like everything, marble tile flooring also have some drawbacks. One can easily overcome the drawbacks of marble if they know them and take care accordingly. Some drawbacks of marble are listed.

· Marble is a heavy stone. Someone who wants to install marble floor should prepare the floor accordingly so that it can bear the weight of marble tiles.
· Lack of maintenance can damage elegance of the floor. Maintenance is needed for everything. If someone wants to make the marble floors last for decades then he should maintain them properly.
· Installation of marble tile is difficult. Someone who wants to decorate his house with marble floors should appoint a professional for the installation of the floors. A professional knows the process for stone installation and can install the stone without damaging the surface.
· Marble tile flooring is expensive. Cost of marble is higher than many other building materials and so one needs to invest more money. One also has to appoint professionals for the installation job. This makes marble tile flooring expensive than other floorings. Someone who wants to install marble should have high budget. If he cannot afford the expenses then he can opt for the synthetic marble tiles. Synthetic marble tiles also have shine and elegance. Yet, original marble tiles are always a better option.

Marble has a huge variety of color and design. If someone can devote some time to check the advantages and disadvantages of marble then he can plan the flooring project accordingly.

Marble Tiles: Know How They Are Made?

Marble is the best material that can be used to create unique architectural designs. These tiles are usually used in the residential areas like fireplaces, bathrooms, countertops on kitchen, hallways of the home and many other places. Marble tile is a remarkable material. These tiles cannot be imitated.

Are you interested to know about how these marble tiles are made? Here is the answer for you which will help you understand the process. Marble is a metamorphic rock and it has many characteristics which indicate its stages of development. It is formed usually from the process of re-crystallization by which different elements of rock like fossil material and other minerals combine under pressure and heat resulting to form this marble.

The process of re-crystallization of the tile helps creating aesthetic and unique designs to the surface of the marble. There are virulets which run along the slab of marble. These virulets have different designs and patterns. No 2 marble slabs or tile can have same design and pattern. It is the virulets that make each and every marble tile a unique one.

Each of the marble has different color and size. It is the mineral content in the stone which determines the color of marble. The sizes of marble vary in accordance to its use. Whatever size they are cut to, they always have a design pattern that is left by virulets on them.

So, marble is formed from combination of different elements. After it is formed, it is quarried and utilized to form marble tiles. It is these marble tiles which are used to beautify the homes. Marble accentuates the d├ęcor of the home and adds a touch of sophistication and class wherever used. This material is quarried usually in great amounts and sizes. It gets separated from bordering rock which it is linked to by cutting off the big rock chunks of marble.

After marble rock is removed, it is placed in some nearby mills to get it sized. It is usually the larger slabs of marble that are cut off first. This process of cutting down marble continues till you reach smaller tiles of marble. The marble tiles which are smaller in size are used for wall tile and flooring tile in the homes.

For giving the small marble tiles an antique and worn out look, the marble tiles undergo the process of tumbling with sand in the large drum. At this period, the tiles of marble chips off its corners and edges slightly. This gives the tile a round look. The tile now with chipped off corners and sand in a tumbling drum is processed to get the ultimate look which is known as tumbled marble.

After the completion of all these processes they are being polished. This gives the marble a sophisticated and elegant look. However, while checking out the marbles if any faults or cracks are being noticed, they get immediately filled up by pigmented resins because if this is not done then the tile will get much more damaged in future.

Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

Kitchen sinks forms an indispensable part of any kitchen. Someone who wants to have a functional yet attractive kitchen should purchase the sink with proper care. To purchase a sink for a new kitchen or for a remodeled kitchen, one should have some basic information on the kitchen sinks.

While you shop for the kitchen sink, keep in mind to check the durability of the sink material. Modern sinks have a stylish look. You can find different types of sinks and purchase one that suits your need. Sink bowls are available in multiple colors, depths, shapes and sizes. They have cutting boards and integral drainers too. Check different stores to find the best sink at the cheapest rate. One should also have some idea of the sink materials when he shops for a kitchen sink.

Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless steel sinks can be your choice if you want to give your kitchen a sleek and stylish look. They are available in wide price range and one can find them at any budget. When you want to install a stainless steel sink then it is suggested not to make compromises for the price. To get the best value of money, one should install sinks that are firm and thick. The sinks that have mirror finish should be avoided. To avoid sound of water, one needs to check insulation of bowls’ underside. Foam insulation can give better result than sprayed on insulation.

Enameled Cast Iron

Enameled cast iron gives elegant and smooth finish to the sink. It is available in multiple colors and materials. These sinks have high finish and durability. Running water sound can be avoided by installing such a sink. Someone who does not want to devote much time for cleaning and maintenance can install these sinks. To install such sinks, one should have strong countertops as these sinks have heavy weight.

Composite Acrylic &Fiberglass

They have an elegant appearance. The new composite sinks have durable finish. Someone who does not use the kitchen much can install these sinks. If these sinks are used regularly then the glossy finish might get affected.


Quartz sinks are durable. They are available in various configurations and colors. One can give an attractive look to the kitchen by installing these sinks. A person should be careful while using these sinks as quartz can get scratched easily. Abrasive cleaners should not be used on these surfaces as they can damage the surface.


Want to give the kitchen an elegant look that cannot be matched by anyone else? Then, decorative sinks should be your choice. These sinks have an extra pretty look and can be a bit pricey than other sinks. Maintenance of these sinks is quite tough. But someone who can maintain the sink can give an incredible look to the kitchen.

Vitreous China

Vitreous China sinks can give your kitchen an entirely new look. They come in unusual shapes and ornamental designs. One should check the process of faucet installation before purchasing the sink. These sinks should be cleaned regularly and handled carefully.

Natural Stone Use For Environmentally Concerned Homeowner

Our environment is disintegrating slowly. So, taking care of environment is essential to prolong the life of Earth. If you consider this notion in 2009, then start now to take steps to go green. In fact you are not alone in this crusade- there are a lot many homeowners who have taken effective steps to go green in their interiors. One such measure is using natural stone.

Home remodeling and interior design is also related to environment. There are many methods through which environment friendly habits and homes can be promoted. But what needs to be considered for a green home remodeling and interior design? The best answer is the use of natural stone tiles in home.
With the use of stone tiles, you can make naturally green countertop material. It lasts for long period of time, is moisture resistant, releases no byproducts that are harmful to the indoor air and is sanitary. So, by the use of natural stones you can go greener. However, if you want to get more ideas about how to go greener with the use of natural stones, then make use of the internet to find out more useful sources.

There are many websites that offer refreshing, unique and easy-to-do home remodeling and interior design ideas by the use of natural stone tiles. The environmental advocates are sure to offer you with affordable or free assistance and advice. So, make your home energy efficient and less harmful to nature with natural stones.

Going green is a new way of calculating value. Budget is a great concern on any interior design project. The natural stone’s high cost can make few homeowners step back. However, going green with natural stone tiles hardly costs more than a project of conventional tiling. In fact, in many of the cases, the use of stone tiles ends up in saving lots of money and benefiting the environment. The benefits that are derived from installing natural stones like marble, granite, limestone etc in homes are more precious than anyone’s budget.

However, if you are not interested to spend much money for your interior design of home, then use recycled materials. Juts look all around your home for items which you can reuse for this is the way you can control your expenses.
Going green in 2009 is not at all difficult. What is needed is the working of the consciousness and finding out the right resources to go greener with the interior design project of your home. There are many ways by which energy efficiency can be promoted in home by use of naturals stones. If you really want to inspire the environmentally friendly importance to the interior designing of your home, then make your family members involve in the project.

Green is the best choice for your interior design of the home. So, if you are planning to remodel your home or do some interior decoration, then always keep in mind to use natural stones. However, always talk to a contractor about adopting a green interior design in your home. You can also seek the services of green consulting firm to be sure of the affectivity of the stone tile.

Shopping Guide For Stainless Steel Sink

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? You must then surely be looking out for stainless steel sink for your kitchen. In fact, the project of kitchen remodeling can never be complete without installing new kitchen sink of stainless steel material.

Stainless steel sink is the most cost-effective fixture for the kitchen. It is less expensive in comparison to the granite or marble cousins. Stainless steel sinks even fits quite well with any type of countertop design that is available. Stainless steel sinks are easy to maintain and can be cleaned quite easily. It can bear up any kind of torture. Here is a shopping guide for you for the stainless steel sink. We are providing you with some tips for picking up the best quality stainless steel kitchen sink.

Firstly, planning is the most important thing that should be considered. It plays an important part in getting a quality sink for your modern kitchen. You need to decide your kitchen’s size and the countertop to make sure that the one you choose will have the perfect measurements to fit in the kitchen.

Another thing that should be considered while planning for the purchase of the kitchen sink is the theme and design of room. The sink style that you pick up should match with the other fixtures and furniture of the kitchen.

The size of the stainless steel sink also plays a great role. If you have a large family and quite a busy household, then go for the one with double sink variety or pick up a big single stainless steel kitchen sink that can accommodate all the needs.

Secondly, you must to enough research work on the stainless steel sink before purchasing one. So, checking out the designs that are available in market is important. You can go out for window shopping if you have enough time. However, if you are a busy person and do not have time to go for window shopping, then you can make the best use of internet in that case. Check the furniture and home improvement shops on internet.

Just check out the designs that are available and make a comparison of each one of them with your kitchen looks. Carefully consider its shape, size and price for comparing them afterwards. Don’t rush on with your project if you want to buy the best quality stainless steel kitchen sink.

Lastly, what you should consider before buying stainless steel sink for the kitchen is the quality of it. Homeowners who have tight budget land up in buying the cheap quality stainless steel sink. These cheap quality ones are very bad. They do not last for a long time and thus should be avoided while purchasing.

Quality plays a great role and so always go for superior quality stainless steel sinks before having a look at its price. The stainless steel sinks of inferior qualities will not have the necessary luster to add the sparkle to your kitchen.

Modular Granite: Can You Install It Yourself?

Kitchen has always played a great role in determining the aesthetic value of the house. Someone who wants to raise the value of his property or want to increase the glory of his old house should consider about the remodeling of kitchen. Remodeling an old kitchen and installation of new materials requires a large amount of investment. Someone who wants to reduce the high installation charges can opt for modular granite kitchen materials. He can do the installation works himself by opting for modular granite kitchen materials.

Installation of granite tiles and countertops on the kitchen has always been considered as hire a pro work. It requires some skills to install granite. The installation of the natural stone granite is tough like its transportation and fabrication. Someone who does not have skills for this job will not be able to do the job properly. Thus, it would damage the stone. If someone wants to install granite himself, then he should know all the tips to install granite. It will be best for him to purchase modular granite for the job.

Many homeowners have a common question when they purchase modular granite for their kitchen. They enquire whether the modular granites are same as tiles. One should know that modular granites are not exactly the same as tiles though they are quite close. Like granite slabs and tile, modular tiles can be found in any home depot. A person can select the granite counters which would suit his kitchen. The point that is to be noted while purchasing granite tiles is the seams. A homeowner should know that there would be seams while installing granite kitchen countertops or tiles. Seams can collect a huge amount of dirt and cleaning can be a difficult task.

Modular granite kitchen materials cannot be grouped into tiles or slabs. They lie somewhere in between tiles and slabs. Yet, they have more similarity with tiles than slabs. The modular granite materials are available in pre cut slabs of small sizes. As they are meant for kitchen counters, they are available in ready dimensions and shapes for kitchen. They can be used for kitchen jobs only. By purchasing these small slabs for the kitchen, one can save a large sum of money for installation. Though heavy, these boxes can be transported and handled easily. Therefore, one would not have to worry about the damaging of stone.

If someone can measure the size and dimension for placing the kitchen counters then he can easily purchase the modular granite counters for his kitchen. One should measure the size carefully else it can damage the entire project. When installing granite tiles, one should be careful about sealing the tiles. Installing modular granite can save a large amount of money. But one would have to be careful about the seams. The elegance of the tile would be lost if dirt get accumulated in the seams. Someone who has enough money to invest on granite installation should not opt for modular granite.